Kuntal Shah


Kuntal is one of the founding partners of SageOne and has an opportunistic inclination towards value-oriented and risk-controlled approach to investments. He has been an extremely successful investor over the past 2 decades and his investing success has come from exploiting the inefficiencies inherent in the markets. In the past he has added value through strategic inputs, networking and competitive intelligence, and board level decision making for the investee companies. He was part of a three member principal team supported by 20 professionals looking after a portfolio of $600 mn across various asset classes for a family office.

Kuntal has in-depth understanding of value investing with focus on risk identification and mitigation, emerging trends and opportunities in key growth sectors in India, taxation and accounting. Kuntal loves to teach on these subjects and in past has lectured at UTI Institute of Capital Markets, IIM (Ahmedabad), IIT (Mumbai), Symbiosis, Flame and Chartered Accountants Institute, Mumbai etc. Kuntal is an Electronics Engineer from Pune University by education and a successful investor over the past two decades.