After being cautious during 2018 to accept new funds, we are pleased to announce the launch of “Sage One Small and Micro Value PMS” Offering in Jan’19. This will follow the same investment philosophy as the current, but will focus on stocks with market cap ranging from INR 500 to 5000 crs. We plan to have less than 20% overlap between this new portfolio and the existing portfolios (mid-cap and larger small-cap oriented).

Why Small/Micro Cap Now?

If invested at the right time, good quality small cap companies provide the highest earnings growth and valuation re-rating, resulting in superior returns. Issue is the liquidity. We plan to raise very limited amount (max 100 crs in 2019) to take advantage of this attractive opportunity available currently. Good quality small/micro-cap stocks are trading (~15.5x trailing as of Nov 30, 2018) at a discount of 32% to the Sensex valuations and this discount is the highest we have seen since 2012. We believe that this is a favorable time to start investing in this space. We plan to be slow in deploying the funds and build a good quality portfolio consisting of 12 to 20 companies over the next 3-4 months.

We request you to kindly note:

  • The minimum investment requirement is INR 1cr
  • For existing investors there would be only limited additional paperwork required (no additional demat account or KYC required)
  • At present, we don’t take NRIs as clients
  • No distributors please

If you have any further queries and/or would like to go ahead with the investment, please write to us as

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